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Writer. Thinker. Lover.

My name is Terrine and I'm a doctoral student of law. My research interests are constitutional theory and information policy. My other interest? Serving people as a writer and teacher.

I recently self-published my first book of poetry, which is about the faith walk from slumber to life. I'm currently writing a non-fiction book for young prodigals that explains God...well, He doesn't actually hate you. The book encourages those who are propelled by a need to serve in our hurting world and illustrates the power of redemption. I cover important stuff like understanding legalism, when failure can be a good thing, overcoming apathy, and the example of love. I'm also in the midst of writing my doctoral thesis on the extent to which the right to know can be constitutionally validated.

This is me. An ongoing work in progress. Introverted yet conspicuous, pensive yet joyful. If I could be any creature besides human, I would be ewok. Spiders still scare me. Thundershowers are awesome. And best of all, I drink coffee and ponder God's love as I write from the heart.